MX Lab provides top class zero hour virus protection, managed anti spam services in conjunction with email archiving & backup

MX Lab secures your business email communication with confidence.

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Zero Hour Virus and Email Based Threat Protection

The Zero Hour Virus & Email Based Threat Protection service contains a multi layered anti virus engine and protects you from email based threats like phishing.

Managed Anti Spam and
Content Policy

With MX Lab's Managed Anti Spam & Content Policy service, you will no longer have to deal with unwanted messages whatever their format or attachment file type.

Email Archiving and Backup Service

Never lose a single email message with the Email Archiving & Backup service. Incoming email messages are stored in our Archive Center and are available as required.

30 day trial

MX Lab offers a risk-free 30-day security trial for your email communication so that your company can "feel" how it is to be protected by the MX Lab Anti Virus & Anti Spam service.

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